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How Much Math is Needed? (or desirable)

As a Software Developer, how much math do you need to know? You may say none, so, I'll rephraseit a bit, what specific math helps in becoming a better programmer?

And for you seniors out there, what specific math has helped you to grow as a Dev?

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I think it heavily depends on your business domain, the nature of your development.

Having a basic understanding on math, like operations, statistics, and thinking mathematically is probably essential.

However, for me I work in an industry that heavily relies on math operations because it's the engineering sector. We also have to calculate a lot of things according to geometry and calculus. That being said, I don't need to know these things off by heart, but it makes working with these things much easier if you understand them.

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Ice or Fire

It totally depends on what you're programming. I use algebra daily for my web apps but never calculus or geometry. Unless you're going into some specialty, you'll probably not use much higher level math.

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Lautaro Lobo

My point of view: all about Logic helps you to become a better problem-solver. And if you are in the Data Science field, then you will need some knowledge about statistics for sure.

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David Chase

For me personally discrete mathematics and abstract algebra helped me appreciate and become a better software engineer.