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Back on the grind - New Years Resolution - Dev Log 35

I am officially back on the coding grind and trying to get this metaphoric bread. I am super excited about the next web application I am currently starting on. I do not want to spoil it early on but it is in the education space.

Over the last few weeks I have thought up many good ideas to pursue, but I ended up going with another web application, it's my strong suit. I am allured to trying to create a mobile app or game using unity. That is only because the technologies are still foreign to me, which makes them more exciting. Unfortunately, I do not have time to learn a bunch of new skills and technologies. The clock is ticking and I believe that the smart play is to use the skills I have. Going off that thought, I am going to use the exact same stack as my previous project (the job board); except I might trade Redis for Mongo. Mongo and Redis are both great options for fully managed cloud databases, but while I loved using Redis, Mongo is a little more mature as a technology.

Today was the first day I was getting back into the grind of coding, which felt good. I was looking at the blank canvass and have made a terrible first draft UI for my homepage. I am hoping after refining it a few times that I will have one of those modern SASS homepage looks. The ones that have sections based on complimentary background colors, if ya know, ya know.

That is the update. I am back at the grind. I will spill the beans on the idea later once I get further into development. I am one of those people who romanticize my own ideas, so for now I think it's just about the best idea ever. Once I get to marketing and actually attempting to get users, my many failed attempts will deflate my ego real quick; but for now, this idea slaps.

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