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New Years Resolution - Dev Log 17

So I had a very unproductive weekend. It was the super bowl and I had long shifts this weekend. But those are just excuses really, needed a small break from the code grind. But now I am back and ready to tackle some more bugs. The last couple of days I have been handling small tasks like adding redirects after posting or removing jobs. Right now I am stuck on a bug where the client is not redirected to the job details page after they click the apply button on the home page. I do not understand why that is happening. Hopefully, StackOverflow has my back. I posted a question last night but have not got an answer yet.

If anyone who reads this wants to take a crack at it, here is the link:

Once I get that solved, I can move on to getting the back end working for applying to a job. Then the basic functionality is done. I will make another YouTube video after that. So all and all, nothing too crazy to report. I will be honest though, the whole Russia/Ukraine tensions were really bumming me out, I think that may have contributed a little to my lack of code over the last couple of days. I really hope nothing crazy happens over there.

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