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Old geek gets a new job

I was re-introduced to the Jira team over videoconference last week during sprint planning. I remember the sole engineer and the business/support lead from the initial build-out almost 4 years ago. I was introduced to the other business/support person when they were working in a backend role, they seem much happier now. The Tech Lead overseeing this circus seems good-hearted, asked for clarifications instead of making an executive (i.e. totally groundless) decision and generally seems like a reasonable sort.

I was lobbed a softball by the sprint planners: quick go/no-go monitoring for the Confluence instance because there is no application monitoring right now.

A Jira ticket was opened at the beginning of the year for troubleshooting instructions that support analysts could follow.

Before I left for the GHE team there was a bun fight about the scope of Jira, should the system be open for business folks as well as the engineering teams that commissioned it? It seems like the "wide-open" model was selected without anyone thinking about the cost, we need to audit for idle seats.

No one requested me to audit the KTLO work queues but they hired a pig, so I'm going to sniff for truffles.

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