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My Time at Lambda So Far

I’ve been enrolled at Lambda School for over a year now, starting back at the end of May in their WEBPT8 cohort. My growth as a developer and engineer has exploded since this decision. I wanted to write this post detailing my journey since then, documenting fully what Lambda has helped me learn and the amazing range of skills I’ve gained because of that knowledge.

Lambda School is divided up into 4 units —

The first a foray into HTML, CSS, and the beginnings of JavaScript.

Web Fundamentals
– User Interface and Git
User Interface
Git for Web Development
CSS Layouts
Responsive Design
-Advanced CSS and Intro to JavaScript
Preprocessing I
Preprocessing II
Intro to JavaScript
Arrays and Objects
– JavaScript Fundamentals
Scope and Closure
Advanced Array Methods
Prototypes and Inheritance
-WEB Unit I Build
The second includes advanced JavaScript and the beginnings of React.

Web Applications I
-Applied JavaScript
Components I
Components II

-Intro to React
React Components and Component State
Composing React Components and Passing Data Via Props
Component Side Effects
Advanced Styling Techniques

-Single Page Applications
React Router
Form Management
Advanced Form Management
-WEB Unit 2 Build
The third details advanced React.

Web Applications II
-Advanced react
Class Components
The React Lifecycle
Composing and Sharing Non-Visual Behavior
Testing Web Applications
-Advanced State Management
The Reducer Pattern
Async Redux
Context API
-Advanced Web Applications
Testing React
Client-Side Authentication
Deploying Web Apps
-WEB Unit 3 Build
The fourth covers the backend, with an optional choice between Node.js and Java (there will a future post on why I did both)

Web API: Node
-Build a Web API
Introduction to Node.js and Express
Server-Side Routing with Express
Express Middleware
Web Deployment and Best Practices
-Adding Data Persistence
Introduction to Relational Databases
Database Schema Design
Multi-Table Queries
Data Modeling
-Authentication and Testing
Introduction to Authentication
Using JSON Web Tokens (JWT)
WEB Unit Testing
Testing the Back End
-WEB Unit 4 Node Build
Now I am currently a Team Lead by day and at night I am in Labs working on a project with a cross functional team for the next few months. I am excited to see what the future holds for me with everything I’ve learned 🙂

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