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Ismael Garcia
Ismael Garcia

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Rate my 2 years old portfolio site

Here is my site:
I would love to know what you guys think!

Current setup for NodeJS project and VueJS containers for front and back end development with docker:

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Arun Kumar • Edited

'Your digital secret weapon' is better read as 'Your secret digital weapon'

As already commented, a server rack icon would be better instead of the money one.

Your site doesn't seem to have a favicon in title bar...

'Start your project' looks like a button, but is actually not, which is confusing...

Awesome design, well done..!

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lionel-rowe • Edited

Disagree about "digital secret weapon". "Secret weapon" is a phrase in English, rearranging the word order breaks that.

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Arun Kumar • Edited

Oh, I didn't knew that. Not a native speaker.

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good one but there is a big problem the text is hard to read for eg here "Start with the initial idea, wire-frames, design, development, optimization, launch and support afterwards. Excel at developing digital experiences, providing custom development, and pixel-perfect design for enterprises, emerging companies and non-profits."

this text is hard to read

but as a beginner it's good


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Frederick Grumieaux

Looks good, just a few small remarks:
Dead link to
And the icon for hosting services is money, and I understand you want to get paid, but doesn't mean you have empathise that to much on your home page. Maybe search for an icon that represents a server rack or a container icon...

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I rate it 7.5/10 stars which is already far better than most of the stuff I see on #portfolio. I can write you a short list of things that you could do to improve your site if you're open for criticism. Let me know if you're interested, last time I did that OP hid my comment, so I am little more careful this time.

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Jen Miller • Edited

It's a nice site and it shows a lot of promise. I interview many candidates, but I also hired freelancers so I'll eventuate your site based on my experiences. A few questions:

1) What's the purpose of the site? Is it focused on growing a freelance business or more of personal site for recruiters? It seems to be mixing them.

While I understand that as a developer, even if you are working for organization, you want to be open for side freelance work, the target audience between people looking for freelancers vs interviewers/recruiters is vastly different. A perspective client is looking for different keywords and experiences than someone evaluating a candidate.

Your landing page looks very much like a freelancer or business website but it adds some things that would throw off a prospective client (see point 2 below).

If your site is a online business card for potential employment, it contains too much corporate jargon(ex the "user experience, custom development, and hosting" section) that isn't so important to someone evaluating potential candidates. Your "about" page is more geared towards recruiters and developers evaluating your skillset, but has a "process" portion that still makes it sound like you are running a business.

2) By "solo-developer", you mean you worked on the site yourself without a team right? It's a slight odd term to use there since all your projects are "solo" . It's up to you, but I would remove that term. It doesn't add value from a freelancing perspective.

I feel that if you want to do both freelancing and employment, try separating the pages. I like your choice of colors and branding, so you can use the same styles across the sites, but keep them separate.

By separate, I don't necessary mean different domains, but could just mean separate pages. One for perspective freelance clients and another for recruiters.

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Looks good! The 'D' in Developer is slightly drowned out by the background image, may be screen-dependent though.

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Christian Kozalla

I am impressed! Really like the design and style 👍