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Prashant Yadav
Prashant Yadav

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Fullstack (Nodejs + Reactjs) interview experience at Nutanix

Fullstack interview experience at Nutanix

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I had applied for the MTS-3 Fullstack – SAAS (Nodejs + Reactjs) on Nutanix’s career section and got the shortlisting email on 21’st April 2021. It was for the Bangalore location.

Shortlisting email from Nutanix

After the email, the recruiter called me and we had brief introduction about myself, my experience, etc and what are they looking for in the candidate and about the Nutanix and role.

1st Round: Phone screen (SDE2 – Full Stack)

I was asked what I do on a daily basis, followed by some JavaScript questions and some Rest API questions.

It went well.

2nd Round: JavaScript Platform & DSA. (SDE3 – Full Stack)

Don’t remember about the interviewer.

In this round I was asked to implement programs based on Closure, Promise and Objects.

This was a good round, and I learned lots of things. Went good.

3rd Round: System Design (Frontend + Backend) (Team lead – Full Stack)

The interviewer had around 9 years of experience and was leading the team which I was being hired for, we exchanged introductions and started the interview.

As I was being hired for the Payment & Pricing team.

This round was mainly focused towards creating dynamic form and handling the payment and pricing based on the features selected.

Security, CORs, XSS.

How to secure your API, Server side vs Client Side, which to use for security purposes?. What if the same has to be achieved on the alternate side & vice versa.

Lots of discussion of form handling and uncontrolled and controlled form components. Select box, etc.

I haven’t read about security still it went well.

4th round: System Design (Javascript) (Manager – Pricing & Payment Team)

The interviewer was quite nice, he first introduced himself and what they are looking for in a candidate who will join this team, what type of work will be there, etc.

I was asked to implement a Number increment counter in JS.

In this round, I came up with a solution using setTimeout and setInterval, even though it was not perfect he pushed me to the next round.

5th round: DSA (VP – Pricing & Payment Team)

The interviewer was from San Jose and he was a little strange.

He asked me to introduce myself and when I was done, after a pause he unmuted and asked that’s it?. Please elaborate a little. I thought he was doing something else simultaneously and not concentrating towards the interview.

Later he asked me to implement an algorithm to count all possible subarrays in an array with sum k. (Note:- They are not consecutive).

As I had to find all the possible sub arrays, I thought of using Dynamic Programming first.

But the interviewer asked me to implement an O(N ^ 2) algorithm.

Failed in this. He showed me the solution using the bitwise operator.

At the end he was constantly asking me from where I come?, where I am living. In Spite of repeatedly telling him that I live in Mumbai and having been born and brought up here. He was not ready to accept it. I was getting a feeling that he has some personal issue with name.



I guess because my 4th round went okay and 5th round went bad they dropped me. Interviewer asked me to apply in different verticals, but I lost my interest and so I left it.

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phyberapex profile image
PhyberApex it me or does that seem a bit excessive? I mean...5 interviews? Most I had was 2 and a 4 hour "Work-Trial". Is that common where you are from? I could never imagine spending that much time including preparation for a single job opportunity.

learnersbucket profile image
Prashant Yadav

Yes, 4 - 5 are common in Tech. I have given 7 as well.

bezalel profile image
Zoe for dummies

Honestly, you are a star! ⭐ I can't imagine the desired level of skills and competencies for this job... I feel there are a lot of senior enginners in the industry who are called to participate in the evaluation process, but they don't have enough experience/skills for that. It seems to me from their hiring process that there was some form of discrimination. I'm sorry. No one is immune to bias, especially people who make hiring decisions...

narottam04 profile image

The round 5 was PAIN to read, I can't imagine going through it.
Do you think that was because of accent or some other reason, also the interviewer seemed shitty.
Thanks for sharing.

learnersbucket profile image
Prashant Yadav

Not sure why he did it, He may assumed that I am not capable enough to work along with them.