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Top web development trends 2021

In our fast changing world we need to keep abreast of current trends to stay successful in business. This concerns web development as well. You cannot rely solely on what was popular back in the 2010s and expect any kind of growth. So here are some of the most important trends to follow in 2021.

Mobile Version

Let's put it clear, adaptability is a must. Today many businesses know that their websites can barely survive without a mobile version. Huge amount of customers use their phones to visit your website. So make it easy to view via a small screen.

Voice Search

Voice search is rapidly gaining popularity. Among the growth drivers is the development of technology in smartphones. Almost all modern models are equipped with a voice search option. More and more people communicate with devices by voice, and with the help of developing machine learning technologies, artificial intelligence recognizes more and more complex queries.

Artificial Intelligence

Speaking about AI, by now, it is becoming clear that the use of artificial intelligence is not a hype or a temporary trend, but a full-fledged direction. From year to year it helps to solve more and more complex problems in various areas of business. It is not a sci-fi horror scenario anymore but a real chance to manage your work. Both repetitive tasks and thorough analysis are actually feasible for machines possessing self-learning mechanisms.


Chat-bots are another automation idea getting more popular in many fields. This technology allows to simplify the communication process and even solve some typical problems clients may face. It increases effectiveness, especially if you combine this tool with the function of acquiring in messenger.


To improve the speed use PWA (Progressive Web Applications). Its autonomy and non-mandatory connection to the Internet makes them an awesome alternative to the mobile application as they have similar functionality. Today, device memory is a very important indicator for everyday life. PWA help you save space on your device because they do not need to be installed. At the same time AMP (Accelerated Web Applications) are perfect for static content displaying essential information and saving loading time by this.

Single Page Applications

SPA is one of the trends of recent years, which helps to eliminate the need for constant communication with the server. They provide the best performance and the highest level of data protection. All you need is located on one page which makes the access ridiculously simple.

Well, sometimes it can be very difficult to follow all trends as they change quickly enough. Though, most of the current trends have been existing for a while now. So why not try them? It may turn out to be a solution for your website optimization. Just keep in mind that despite changing approaches, technologies and ideas, the main goal of web development is to provide a quality user experience. It is this trend that will remain unchanged forever.

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