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Lisa Maskovich
Lisa Maskovich

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Time to eat my feelings!

So... I didn't get the job that I was really hoping for. Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you'd hoped, and that’s okay.

I always try to look on the bright side!

What is the bright side in this situation?
The bright side is that I can have a moment of pure gluttony! I can (at least in my own mind) justify eating whatever will make me feel better. :) I would like one of those giant chocolate cakes from Costco, please!


Sadly, Costco doesn't make this cake anymore. Reddit thread - What happened to the old Costco Chocolate cakes? But, this is MY blog post, so I am mentally moving forward where Costco hasn't also broken my heart, and they have supplied me with my top choice of gluttonous consumption.

I woke up this morning to a rejection email. As you probably know, the words “we have chosen to pursue another candidate for this position who we feel is best qualified” are very hard to read.

I was sad. Let’s be totally honest, I am still sad.

(Sound of cake container opening. No plate necessary, just a fork. I sit on the floor, cross-legged and begin to consume the cake.)

I was really excited about the job. It was just an internship, but I know that a good internship, working with good people, can build a solid foundation for a successful career. I met with 6 different people during my interview and each person was someone I would have been happy and excited to work with. I am truly envious of whoever they chose for the internship.

(A second fork has now joined the party. One for each hand, right, left, right, left, cake is coming from both directions. These forks are getting their moment, the moment for which they were created!)

I wrote a nice email back to the gal from HR. I took some time to really think about what I wanted to write.

(Sound of the vanilla ice cream container being opened and a spoon being retrieved from the drawer)

This is what I sent:

Hi name of HR gal
Thanks for letting me know. I am sure this isn't your favorite part of your job.

I would love it if you could pass on my appreciation to names of the 6 nice people I interviewed with. I am extremely grateful for their kindness, and making me feel comfortable during the interview process. It was like chatting with friends. They are all people that I am sure would be amazing co-workers and I am envious of the intern that was chosen to work with them :)

I hope you all have wonderful holidays. Happiness and health to you all.
Take care

(Melted ice cream begins to pool around me)

It was a difficult email to write, but after I got past my feelings of despair, the words I wrote were my true feelings.

(Chocolate cake crumbs fall into the puddle of melted ice cream as I scrape the last bit of cake from the container with my fingernails)

It's been 9 days since the interview (that I thought had gone really well) and 10 hours since I received the rejection email. And I can say, wholeheartedly, that I feel better knowing than not knowing. It is 100% better than being in a state of limbo.

Now I know, and I can move on.

(I am now stepping up from my cake and ice cream puddle. Grabbing the mop, 4 rolls of paper towels and a gallon of Pinesol cleaner. I soak, wipe and scrub everything until it's sparkling clean. I put the spoon and forks back into their resting places and recycle the rinsed plastic cake packaging)

Time to try again.

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ruannawrites profile image

Rejection is really a redirection. I know how hard it is to not get the job you really wanted and thought you were going to get, especially after multiple interviews. But you will find the place that’s right for you! Keep going :)

leesahmasko profile image
Lisa Maskovich

Rejection is redirection... I love that! It's absolutely perfect, and very true. :) Thank you Ruanna!

emilie profile image

A month ago I had the same rejection experience from a company I thought that I happily and proudly would work for. Just right before the final interview, I had to kneel... haha It was a bitter experience but, after all, the experience also has given me hope for the possibility that I would be able to get the job from the company next time. My worse part is that I asked for further feedback from the two senior developers I had an interview with. But, they never replied me back as I expected. haha, I just gave it a shot hoping for more genuine feedback, instead of a formal one. I know you may have felt disheartened temporarily. hope you perk up soon and best of luck with your next interview!

leesahmasko profile image
Lisa Maskovich

Thanks Emilie! Honestly, I am happy to have a fresh start. Hoping to have one of those moments in the future where I can look back and see that things worked out better than I ever imagined :)

Thanks for the well wishes. I hope you have success and happiness in your endeavors.