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Just Code Challenge

I’m often asked by both kids and adults: “how can I get started in programming?” or “how can I start coding to make my own programs/apps?”

Obviously Xojo is a great language to start with, but even with Xojo, how do you get started? You could dive into the free Introduction to Programming book or maybe watch some of the 100+ videos available on the Xojo channel. But many people just want to jump right in. In the early 80s when I started programming, this is actually what I did when I first learned to program using BASIC. I started by just trying things to see what worked and what didn’t. I also looked at other people’s programs (using magazines and books since there was no Internet back then) and modified them. In short, one of the best ways to start is to just code.

So let’s kick off a little Summer Contest. I call it the Just Code Challenge (#JustCode). The idea is for you to make one program (or app) a week throughout the summer. These apps don’t have to do anything fancy, although they should do something that is at least a little bit useful or fun. Any type of app counts — desktop, iOS or web.

This contest is a great way for people new to coding to see what it takes to make an app, and to see how much fun coding can be. But even if you already know how to code, I think you’ll find that this contest will also be a great way to bring the fun back to coding. After all, it’s not always about just making business apps!

The Just Code Challenge starts on June 18 and ends on September 21. You should have a new program or app ready to share each Friday. There are 14 Fridays so you could end up having coded 14 apps!

I’ve started a forum conversation called “Just Code Challenge”. You can go there to share ideas, ask questions and post your projects.

Speaking of that, each Friday you should post to the forum conversation with a download link to the project and perhaps a screenshot. I also encourage you to share your experience by blogging, tweeting, etc. If you don’t have a blog, I highly recommend you just use, after all you're already here!

I’ll be doing the Just Code Challenge as well! Each week I will post my project in a blog post on Friday and later I'll have a separate blog post highlighting the projects that people have created.

Those who post projects for at least 10 weeks will get a free Xojo t-shirt (while supplies last) and be entered in a drawing to win a Xojo Pro license ($700 value). Plus you’ll hopefully also have had a bit of fun.

So what are you waiting for? Go on, just code!

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lyon profile image

I'm in! Starting late, but will submit something next Friday. Great idea!

johannesvollmer profile image
Johannes Vollmer

Great idea, but maybe you should provide at least some example topics, because sometimes people just don't know what to code (and often times, limitations are actually forcing you to be creative)

pbouillon profile image
Pierre Bouillon

Sounds very entertaining!
Unfortunately I don't have that much time lately, but I'm looking forward to all the super projects that Dev's awesome community will build !

lefebvre profile image
Paul Lefebvre

Summary of some of the many projects that have been created so far is here: