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Looking up at the clouds- the start of a new journey

Hello all you amazing people!
I have been asked to write a bit about why I decided to study software engineering. I found that this topic was a bit of a challenge for me as I am usually quite private.

To be real, this question has many answers, and each is a bit different depending on what kind of mood I'm in. Sometimes I'm motivated by the need to learn and grow, other times it is by money, and there are some times that I just dream about having the flexibility to work remotely.

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The most honest answer that would sum it all up is that I want need to be happy with what I do all day long for work.

I know that may seem super basic, but after spending years in a career that I chose because 'I should', this simple notion is quite powerful to me. I need to feel good about what I do for work.

Many have asked me why I would give up a successful and lucrative career to start all over and take a chance on something new. To them I always reply, "Why not?". It was time for me to grow.

I know what it is like to do something day by day that you don't feel connected to and how draining that can be on the spirit. I can definitively say that is just not for me.

Instead, I'm looking for ways to combine my love of logic and need for creativity. I can't wait to join a team of like-minded people who each bring a unique perspective to the table. I'm eager to be part of the collaboration that takes place when great ideas come to life.

I have always enjoyed working with computers and people often turn to me for tech support. I am usually the first to jump in to solve a problem and I feel bored without challenge and at least a few different projects going on.

When someone pointed out that I seemed really happy when I was problem-solving, it was like something clicked and then I realized I knew what I wanted to do. I started exploring different languages, taking classes here and there to see if I would actually enjoy working 'behind the scenes' to help create some of the magic that makes up our virtual world. I absolutely do!

So far I've studied Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and have become quite a major regex fan. I'm so excited to be immersed in learning!

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oliverfeher • Edited

We spend majority of our lifetime working. It is extremely important to find joy in what you do. Make your passion become your job, and do not let your job become your life. That is the key to happiness. Keep up the hard work! I’ll see you on TOP!! 🙏👍

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Ben Lovy

major regex fan

I am fascinated by that. I always wince when I realize I'm about to need one.

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Leigha • Edited

Thanks for reading! Yes- I am one of the few I suppose. I do really appreciate patterns and love the terse nature of regex. I have only used it in Ruby so far however...

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Ben Lovy

Luckily, that's a skill you can take with you to other languages! The differences from language to language tend to be pretty minimal if present at all.

I totally get what you mean regarding terseness and precision, but even after using them for years I find myself digging through documentation pretty much every time, I can't seem to keep it in my head. It's definitely a good tool for the job, though.