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What Are the Best AngularJS Alternatives You Should Know

The popularity of Angular is well established along the entire developer community. The benefits and assurances it provides is far beyond imagination. Companies like Paypal, Upwork, Nike, Google, Sony, HBO etc have already experienced its true potential.

Angular was developed by Google-developed back in 2009 with the name of AngularJS. In the later stages, the second version of the framework that was released was renamed to Angular, going into different previews to reach full release in 2016.

The most recent version of Angular is slated to release in October or November of this year; Angular 9.0. Even though we share here some of the more popular Angular alternatives, it does not mean that Angular has many flaws. However, there are some cons which might limit the development and where these alternatives may come in handy.

This should definitely not hinder you when you want to hire AngularJs developers, but it is for you get an idea about the potential these AngularJs alternatives hold.

List of Top AngularJS Alternatives

The creators of Aurelia believe it to be as the ‘next generation UI Framework’. It has been well received in the developer community pertaining to some of its features. With Aurelia you will see that it engulfs a wide number of libraries that work in unison with well-defined interfaces in place, making it modular and flexible, a feature which was absent in Angular as it was ideally constructed as a monolithic framework; all the necessary components draped in a single bundle.

Mithril is tiny, as good as 9.5Kb, and it is a significantly easy to learn JavaScript library. It was first released in 2014 as a small API that requires users to learn only a few functions to get started with it. This is the reason Mithril is the first choice for many developers. Mithril has an easy learning curve and is extremely fast when compared to Angular, since it uses a lower magnitude of code to run. With regular updates and pushes, Mithril has now become even faster, and new plugins have made editing and formatting easier.

Knockout can be termed as a data-centric JavaScript library which enables users to bind data to their DOM. Knockout exposes a simple pub/sub concept, dubbed an "observable. By utilising the observable, it enables you to build reactive client-side applications with minimal effort. By using Knockout, you have the power of decisions in your hands, you will build it all and thus understand it all. This is simply like a carpenter constructing a huge piece of furniture from raw wood vs one individual putting together blocks of IKEA furniture to get the final product.

After a point when you will start to think like a "Knockout" programmer, you will be able to achieve a fine separation of your view logic, event handlers, components and data bindings.

Polymer.js was developed by Google as an open source JavaScript library. Polymer project was developed in order to pursue reusing the HTML elements for building applications alongside components. It was first launched on May 27, 2015. The first stable version 1.7.0 of Polymer was released on September 29, 2017. This framework has the ability to provide one of the simplest ways to create custom HTML elements since its library is built on top of web standards API.

You will see that Polymer.js uses Google material design in order to develop hybrid mobile applications. This makes it fast and easy to develop mobile applications. With Polymer.js, you get the ability to create your own customized and reusable elements with the help of polyfills web components specification. It enables you to create reusable widgets. There are a few custom elements of Polymer.js which are distributed across the network and they help facilitate users to use these elements with the help of HTML Imports.

Sencha Ext JS is a pure application framework built for designing interactive web-applications for multiple platforms. Sencha Ext Js is a full framework to build single-page applications. However, it can also be utilized as a minimal component framework that helps create dynamic grids on static pages.

The framework was first created as an add-on library extension in 2007. With time, newer versions have helped reduce dependencies on external libraries making their use non-compulsory.


While Angular still remains at the top of its competitors, it is a good practice to look for better Angular alternatives. While on the one hand, you will never be disappointed with a reputed AngularJS development company for your web development, you can always consider options that best suit your business needs.

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I don't think svelte has the capabilities or toolbox as angular. That's why vue and react are not mentioned. And that why old solutions are 😉

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Lena Charles • Edited

Thanks, Matt Bagni for your valuable Inputs.

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