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Node Workshop part 2 - free online workshop by SCS Concordia

Come learn about web technologies at second installment of the Node.js workshop!

This workshop will cover code and concepts to help you build a solid foundation for your next web project!

Registration: Workshop happening at August 27 (Thursday) 17:30 EST

Sign up through Facebook events:

or sign up directly through this Google Form:


This is part 2 of the previous Node Workshop, the content will continue where we left off on part 1:

Discussed in Part 1
✅ use Node and Express to build a web server and REST API
✅ understand routing, request and response
✅ implement CRUD with HTTP methods

Recording of Part 1:

Will be discussed in Part 2
🔲 build a server-rendered website using templates
🔲 connect to a Cloud NoSQL database: MongoDB Atlas DB
🔲 user authentication with sessions, cookies and tokens
🔲 using external APIs, such as Github Jobs, Giphy, Spotify and more!


Here's a quick preview of the content, including a review of part 1 if you missed it:

Workshop preview in Google slides



CRUD pages preview

CRUD pages challenges

login and logout

authentication general flow

one-time hash

session-based auth

token-based auth


using public APIs

Spotify API

*Note: This is an online event that will be conducted live on YouTube. The link will be provided prior to the event, so make sure you sign up!

See you there! 🤓
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