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Robotic Process Automation and How Bots Can Make Everything Easier:

Today, almost in 2022, few things do not require technology for their proper functioning.

We have discovered that almost everything can be "optimized" with the use of technology, especially using artificial intelligence.

In the wake of the pandemic and the improvements in business processes, bots have excelled at doing at the very least, the most monotonous tasks for humans, and of course, making them more profitable.

Bots are programs from a company's server whose objective is to optimize the actions that correspond to it through their automation, that is, they are programmed and executed according to their instructions without a human user having to start them up manually every time it's needed.

In simple words, bots are automated tools that handle the most tedious tasks, and now even the not so tedious.

Bots often mimic or substitute for human behavior. They normally perform repetitive chores and the main advantage of them is that they can do them much faster than people would.

This tool became one of the most popular and useful forms of Artificial Intelligence and has excelled in sectors such as customer service, digital marketing, and banking.

You may be much more familiar with bots if we talk about customer service since c*hatbots are the protagonists of this technology in that field. *


It is a conversational type of software that, using a database of predefined responses and the combined use of artificial intelligence with machine learning, allows for an interaction that fairly efficiently simulates a conversation like the one you would have with a human being able to answer questions or direct any request to a specific area or department.

Facebook has been one of the pioneers in implementing this service through bots that serve as agents that interact with a "natural language", because it allows companies to apply the messages they want to their Messenger profiles and thus serve customers' clients in record time. So have other companies like Twitter or Slack.

The chatbots tool can be a great ally, or a great enemy, highlighting its usefulness to reduce costs and increase productivity, it should also be noted that not everything is beneficial, many companies have left almost all the responsibility to technology to define the experience of its users, without taking into account that personal relationships are not always governed by logic, and this is how chatbots work.

Bots in Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is very similar to what I mentioned above, however, it has applications that we could consider within what we call customer service, but also, it is something much broader: the relationship with the consumer, the improvement of the brand image, and internal management of processes and information.

In this business area, automation is a powerful tool, taking into account that due to the great competition in the markets, time runs much faster than in real life.

The bots in addition to applying them as chatbots have different ways of taking advantage.

For example: researching any kind of info, from the competition to the most interesting content for your audience, but this is only useful if you invest a lot of time and need a lot of information. In addition, it can also help you qualify your leads or personalize the services and products offered according to the information that users have previously given us in some way.

The application of bots in digital marketing is quite broad, but the really important thing to be clear about and never forget is that this does not mean making the processes cold and impersonal.

Bots in Business Sector:

If we talk about the financial sector, we have it a little more complicated, because normally in this, a company is in charge of a large volume of very diverse lines of business, with highly specialized processes.

Along with this, the security standards of banks must be much higher than those of any other type of business and the same happens with the requirement of regulations.

The application from the point of view of marketing and customer service, in the financial field, has not been very different from the one I mentioned earlier, all based on chatbots and personalization.

However, this has been driven by the ease of the same technology to cope with the migration to digital channels.

Most of the interactions take place outside of contact center hours, which has been possible thanks to the fact that it is feasible to verify identities, make collections or payments without the need for an agent.

Therefore, when we talk about bots implemented in banking, digital marketing l or any other type of sector, what stands out is simply that regardless of the type of bot, it will always bring speed to the processes.
Bots are capable of extracting data in any way, depending on how you configure it. So, undoubtedly one of **the greatest advantages of them is the ability to find data, patterns, information because today these are the true gold of the internet.

The number of things you can do with statistics and data would only depend on your creativity and ingenuity, so if you are one of the people who believe that sooner or later bots would steal our work, I think that at least for now they can only help us without replacing us since the abilities that go beyond logic, only humans possess.

Bots work thanks to the way they are programmed, every scenario must be planned by the dev who makes it.

Have you done your first bot yet? What tasks help you to do?

Let's start a conversation in the comment section or we can take it to my personal account on Twitter @BarnuevoLeo and LinkedIn Leo J. Barnuevo.

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