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What is Web3: Find out where this project comes from and how you can be part of it.

Do you know how it is possible that you are now reading this article? Do you know how what we know as the “Internet” comes to life?

More importantly, if you've decided to be a software developer, do you know how everything that made your career exist began?

Today, a lot of the things we do start with a www. If we want to find out what something is we take our phone, we go to the search engine and there we write what we need to know, or if we want to buy something we go to the seller's website and make the transaction. They all have in common the use of the World Wide Web, which we all know as www.

The World Wide Web is made up of all the websites that exist in the world and that are interconnected through it.

It is the largest network in the world, and through which documents such as images, writings, video, and audio can be distributed, as well as many other types of information to all the devices that are interconnected to it, including computers, mobile phones, and others with that ability.

For this, it is necessary to have a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox, which will allow us to navigate through all this content through the so-called Hypertext Transfer Protocols or HTTP, which are the links to the pages, used in all of them and that basically give us access to this information located in another part of the world.

The WWW works thanks to web standards, without which all this information movement would be impossible. These are URI or Uniform Resource Identifier, HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol, and HTML or Hypertext Markup Language, which defines the structure and content of the hypertext documents that we access through the web.

This current model of the web as we know it works by keeping information centralized. Virtually all Internet content is hosted on specific web servers, with providers such as AWS, GCP, Azure, DigitalOcean, among others.

These servers are in charge of keeping everything working and this is achieved in part thanks to the collection of data they use to keep everything in order, monitored, and supervised.

This might not matter to you at first glance, but when you consider that you are practically being watched and that your data could be sold, you understand how it could affect you, not to mention the catastrophe that a failure would mean on these servers.

In the technological field, we are always looking for improvement, even before launching our most updated version of any project we are already thinking about how to improve the next one, and the same thing happens with the World Wide Web, especially since we have seen how they have manipulated and taken advantage of the data they store.

That is why currently the improvement attempts are focused on the decentralization of the web, seeking the possibility of distributing the contents without the need for centralized servers.

Existing technologies such as Blockchain are considered antecedents for this type of project since it achieves its main objective, to function under a decentralized network built on peer-to-peer connections.

Each device on the network handles a small portion of the computing and communication that occurs on the network, creating an online network without the need for servers and therefore without the control of large platforms.

Thanks to this desire to make the server network independent, the concept of the Web has been forged, an autonomous, intelligent, and open network for the world.

The decentralization of information has become one of its most important fronts. Not only does it allow us to consume the content but it also makes us part of the web ecosystem, we can create, interact and more importantly we can manage our data. It is an improvement to the internet that we know.

We will no longer depend on companies or conglomerates but decisions would be made by consensus, in addition to the fact that the information would be distributed and secure, with social and economic interaction hand in hand with everyone.

This project is in development, and although it sounds very good at this point there are still many things to solve. Factors such as security, applicability, and user experience are still under investigation, but if there is something clear, it is the improvement that it means for society and the use of the Internet.

Now, *achieving this is in the hands of software developers and technology professionals. *

If you are reading and you think that it is too late to start training in this area or that you have already learned everything you need to know to be comfortable professionally, you could not be more wrong.

Technology advances faster than you think, its growth exceeds any other professional area by exaggerated levels, and this project that is barely emerging requires millions of workers to become a reality.

Did you already know about this new way of surfing the internet?

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