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Leo Gopal
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Humor: Share your favourite tech/dev joke/puns!

It's been quite a few weeks and the world is so serious, lets have a little light heart dev-centric nerd-humor.

Share your fave dev/tech jokes or pranks or stories or puns!

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Carolyn Stransky

Shruti Kapoor's Twitter account is full of excellent (and horrible, but in a good way) dev jokes! She also put them all into a repo where she takes suggestions via PRs:

GitHub logo shrutikapoor08 / devjoke

#DevJoke. Submit a PR if you know a good dev joke.

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Shruti Kapoor


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Hammed Oyedele

You are ready to Go 😁

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Alex Lakatos πŸ₯‘

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Leo Gopal Author

...and go!