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whiletruefm 0017: RE:Open Source Has Not Failed

Mike Overby
Mike Overby is a software developer looking for work, host of a law review podcast called Amicus Lectio, and a moderator of Programming Discussions ( Follow me on Twitter!
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Here's the audio!

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Mike wrote an article about corporations and open source software that got 1000s of hits on and 70,000+ views on Reddit! His responses to comments on racism, selfish human natures, software copyrights, and the shareholder value myth.

(I can't figure out how to make podcasts appear nicely... So this will have to do for now...)

The Articles


Proving you can do the job

Open Source is not a meritocracy

Normativity and Corporate Selfishness

Copyright is not required for R&D

The Shareholder Value Myth

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Love the website!

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