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levminer profile image Lőrik Levente ・1 min read

What I built:

  • Authme Web. Authme Web is the Web/PWA version of my cross platform two-factor authentication desktop app Authme.

Category Submission:

  • Built for Business

App Link:


  • Desktop: Authme Web

Mobile: Authme Web Mobile


  • Web app for Authme the cross-platform two-factor authentication app.

  • See all of your 2FA codes in your web browser.

  • Save your codes inside your browser secured by AES256 encryption.

  • It's a PWA so you can install it on your phone for better experience.

  • Use this Sample file or import from Authme

Link to Source Code:


Permissive License:



  • I made Authme a while back, but I needed to see my codes on my phone or in a browser. So I made this Web/PWA version of my desktop app.

How I built it

  • It's built on top of Ionic framwork with Ionic components. I decided to use it with Vue because I alredy know some things about it.

  • Beacause it's a standard Vue app after build, I'm simple deploying it as a static site on App Platform.

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