My Journey to becoming a developer - First post =]

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The Beginning

Always wanted to post about my journey to becoming a developer so I thought were else to start if not here.

Why I started programming?

I started programming because I've always found interest in how computers work and also how to program them to perform tasks for us.

Rocky Roads

I started programming around 3/4 years ago and remember thinking i'll never get that hang of it. Spent hours on the most trivial tasks and found it really hard to carry on, even cases were I'd think I'm not good enough to be a programmer. Luckily I always found comfort in thinking about all the cools things I'll be able to do once I passed these rocky moments.

Now I am software dev who's worked on both front-end and back-end. So if you were to take only one thing from this post it's to remember never to give up! Everyone hits hard times but it's the way you react to these moments will be the vital to you overcoming the thoughts of not being good enough.

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