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Announcing Vue Github Activity: A Vue.js Component to include a GitHub feed into your project/website

Lex Martinez
I'm a full-stack Javascript Developer based in Medellín, Colombia, with 9+ years of experience building web/mobile apps. The years i've been working as freelance JS Developer.
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Originally published on my blog

This Simple Vue component creates a feed panel with your recent GitHub activity. It displays the user's name, login, photo, and a list of each individual activity type.

A couple months ago, I started renew my portfolio website, I picked Vue.js for that mission, since is a pretty trendy language in this moment and i felt curiosity about what can I do with that. I started redesigning all the site, and deciding what information should I show on it, at the end of the initial sketch I added the first four panels on the website including the skills information, latest projects, work experience and the latest blog posts.

With a quite minimalistic design, I expend about a week and half build the MVP and put it online. Then I requested a few feedback from my near friends, about what they thought regarding the UX, design and so on.

After the feedback session I fixed a little design issues, included the new Spotify playlist panel, and received a big suggestion.. someone told me "Hey, you should add a feed about your GitHub activity". In that moment were a pretty busy weeks, so I stoped that suggestion on stand by, However few weeks ago I decided retake it with an extra, I was curious about the Vue external component developing , so I developed that panel as external dependency and published it on NPM.

Initially the MVP for that project was a quite modest, since my motivation was the fact to develop the component perse, once I released the first version, the next step was improve and fix somethings include the components internal structure and bundling, so I expend a couple more weeks to publish the improvements as dependency versions.

As I said the project was published on NPM and of course totally open sourced, released under MIT license, and it repository is open for any kind of contributions, issues, comments, pull-requests, etc. Currently I use this component on my website you can check it out alive there but here there is an small screenshot.

Before to end, special thanks to this repository of @caseyscarborough it highly inspire the sketching process for this component.

Thanks for reading.. and hope you enjoy it! I'll be here for any feedback!

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