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Lex Martinez
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Facebook Noise Filter

Originally published on my blog

Sometimes our Facebook news feed is a little bit noisy, a lot of people posting their thoughts, a lot of funny or hilarious thing and any other useless stuff, and i say useless because in some specific moments we don't want to get that kind content.

In a lot of cases we feel tempted to close our Facebook account, but in some cases is not too simple, because we have external services linked to our account like Spotify or Airbnb even Facebook development projects

This week I was working on new open source project thinking about that situation, which i called Facebook Noise Filter, the original idea was a simple puppeteer scraping script that log in at Facebook for me, and filter the news feed content based on specific set of keywords.

A few days after, the script was done, and i saw potential on that and i decided implement it as desktop application with electron, today i completed the proof of concept for that desktop app and i would like share with all of you the idea, the prototype and make an open invitation to contribute or comment it, all of your thoughts are welcome!

The source code of this project could be found here, and there are a couple of screenshots of our prototype.. i hope you enjoy it!

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