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Nevertheless, Liana Coded

liana profile image Liana Felt (she/her) ・1 min read

I started/continued to code in 2019 because...

Actually, I haven't coded once in 2019 but I did code in 2018. I even got a hacktoberfest t-shirt for contributing to my first open source project. I don't identify as a coder but I know HTML and was able to contribute and that was pretty cool.

I deserve credit for...

Being a legit open source contributor. You can check out my DEV profile and see the contributor badge as proof! I also designed the badge and deserve credit for that because that's what I actually do around here πŸ˜„

I'm writing this post in markdown. I think it's pretty cool I even know what markdown is and I love it.

I hope to see my school/work/developer/tech community...

I hope the whole software industry becomes as kind and awesome as the community here on DEV.

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Ali Spittel

That is an incredible Halloween costume! so grateful to have you as a co-worker!

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Liana Felt (she/her) Author

haha thank you! I love Halloween. I feel the same about you! So happy you're on the team πŸ˜€

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Max Shash

That's an awesome costume!