Best backend course?

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Hey everyone!

I'm wondering if anyone has any good recommendations for a course to sharpen up my backend skills. Ideally in Node or Golang. I'm currently a front-end dev so I am pretty comfortable with front-end React stuff, however, I feel like my backend skills have started to slip. I've looked up some courses, but most I've found tend to be full-stack, with not a whole lot of emphasis on the backend.

Any recommendations are welcome!


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If you can/want to afford it: is worth every penny. You're building a complete web-app in Go.

If you like to dip into functional programming, I highly recommend taking a look at Elixir:
The course doesn't go into great detail on Phoenix, but you're building a hangman-game which also works in the browser. If you're in no rush to get to production fast, check out Elixir.


Maximilian Schwarzmüller is the best (beside Mosh Hamedani).
I've done this course, it's great:


I don't know about video courses about Go, there are a few linked on Go's wiki but I've never taken one.


Hi! I dunno about courses, but if you're planning on developing a microservice in AWS, this tool will make it a simple as it can be!

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