How do you find personal projects to work on?

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Hey everyone,

I feel like I've always had the dilemma of wanting to start and actually finish a personal project, but have never found myself able to keep interest. It feels like I'll start something and immediately lose interest in it, so I never see it to completion. Maybe it's me and my lack of focus and discipline, but I also think that I haven't found anything that's actually really meaningful enough for me to work on.

So my question for you all is, what are your current personal projects, and how do you go about finding what personal project to work on.

Honestly, any insight on this is hugely welcome.


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Common answer would be to build something that you know you'll use. For example, when I was learning Flask, I built a small salary manager since we're renovating our house and we contract construction workers ourselves. Way before that when I was starting with Python, I also built a CLI management tool to track payments/interests from people that owe me money (not a good business to get into :/).

But yeah, I get it. We always don't have a practical use case to built a project upon. So another option is to find a project-based course (ideally paid, for accountability reasons) and finish that project. Then redo it from scratch or extend it by integrating other technologies. Look for feedback, refactor, repeat!


Actually just wrote a post about how adding a donation method is a great way to stay motivated with a side project. It's really helped me with

One thing that might help you come up with an idea is to figure out what you're repeatedly doing. When I was looking for a dev job, I was opening three different job sites and typing the same search terms in every time. That's annoying so I built a Web app in two days that scrapes the three sites and aggregates the results:

Do you have a day job? Is there an annoying thing that happens there that you might be able to use technology to fix??

Ideas are everywhere, ya just gotta be curious about stuff. ;)

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