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5 Best Free Platforms To Learn React

Chaitanya Prabuddha
Hey šŸ‘‹, Iā€™m Chaitanya Prabuddha. I love tech and studying to code by myself. I want to make lives easier.
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React is a JavaScript library created by Facebook to help developers create modern apps. React handles the view layer and can be used to build online and mobile applications. It works in tandem with other JavaScript frameworks and libraries, and includes components, which are small, reusable parts of code.

Every business wants outstanding user interfaces on their websites and mobile apps since it offers them a competitive advantage and makes users' digital interactions easier.

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Let's Dive Into The Platforms Now:

1.freeCodeCamp Visit Website

freeCodeCamp is a non-profit organisation that has over 6,000 tutorials about technology and programming on their websites and YouTube channels.

Many of the organization's graduates have obtained successful careers as a result of their courses and after graduation.

2.Coursera Visit Website

Another excellent site is Coursera, which provides specialty degrees, professional courses, and tutorials in React, data science, and programming through partnerships with some of the world's best universities and businesses.

Yes, coursera is paid but it also has many free cources including for react as well as you can get scholarship.

3.Coursesity Visit Website

Learn web development, applications development, database, data science, machine learning, blockchain, chatbot, and virtual reality with the top free online React programming lessons and courses for programmers and developers.

Coursesity is an online learning platform that lets users to search for online courses, share learning updates, and interact with other people who are interested in similar topics.

4.Pluralsight Visit Website

The Pluralsight platform is another free e-learning platform with thousands of classes created by professional instructors. Anyone with the necessary skills can teach on this platform. One of the courses they provide is React Js.

You'll need a Pluralsight membership for this React course, which costs roughly $29 per month or $299 per year (14 percent discount). Visit Website

The official documentation for any programming language or framework is the best source of information because it was produced by the person who created the technology and contains practically no errors. People with little programming knowledge will benefit from learning React from the official website.

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