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Developer First Culture & Collectives at Stack Overflow w/ Ben Matthews

If you’ve ever written code you’ve probably heard of Stack Overflow.

Most of us have learned from them or shared knowledge on their site. They’ve also got one of the most inclusive and positive engineering cultures out there.

On this week's episode of Dev Interrupted we've brought on Ben Matthews, Director of Engineering at Stack Overflow, to give us the inside scoop on Stack's operations, teams and company culture. Ben also discusses their newest product launch - Collectives - and why he thinks they will be a game changer for dev teams.

Listen to the full episode

Episode Highlights include:

  • Stack Overflow engineering: a developer-first culture
  • Leading with empathy and empowering developers
  • Hiring the right devs
  • Onboarding with purpose
  • Team composition and organization
  • Enabling work-life balance and maintaining team morale by actually caring: and requiring time off

YouTube Highlights:

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nobilitypnw profile image

Sounds like a great guy to work for. Kudos.