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How to Scale Engineering Processes w/ Twitter’s VP of Engineering

Maria Gutierrez is the VP of Engineering for Strategy and Operations at Twitter. She joins a special livestream of the Dev Interrupted podcast to share her career journey, her strategies for sustainably scaling engineering teams and the three pillars of engineering processes.

In a first for the Dev Interrupted podcast, Dan Lines hosted this episode live in front of a virtual audience during the INTERACT engineering leadership conference. Maria was a fantastic guest, sticking around after her interview with Dan to take questions from the audience. Her lessons on team management, building company culture, hiring and mentorship are not to be missed!

Maria has also been working and managing engineering teams remotely for over a decade and offers a great deal of practical advice for team leads everywhere.

Listen to the full episode

Episode Highlights Include:

  • Maria’s career path to Twitter

  • How to successfully scale engineering teams

  • Why processes matter

  • The importance of mentorship

  • Q&A panel where Maria takes questions from a live audience

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nobilitypnw profile image

Her career path is really impressive. I can see why Twitter wanted her!

cmcclannahan profile image

This was a fun podcast to see live, can't wait to see more!