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Under the Lid: How AtomicJar is Reshaping Testcontainers

Let’s get nerdy with it.

On this week’s episode of Dev Interrupted, Dan gets technical with Sergei Egorov, co-founder and CEO of AtomicJar.

With the mission to make integrated testing simpler and easier, AtomicJar created the Testcontainers Cloud which allows developers to test their code against real dependencies, not mocks. Today, Testcontainers powers over a million builds per month, helping developers build and release their software with confidence.

Dan and Sergei also talk about the difficulty of finding time to code once you become a CEO, the challenges of building a product for developers, and the culture differences between Russian devs and U.S. devs.

If you’re a developer or enjoy learning about dev tools, this is the episode for you!

Episode Highlights Include:

  • How Sergei became a Java champion
  • What it's like to grow up in Siberia
  • Cultural differences between U.S. and Russian devs
  • Letting go of writing code when you become CEO
  • Why it's hard to build a product for developers

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Top comments (3)

cmcclannahan profile image

Really nice interview, always nice to have on tech geniuses that aren't from the normal hubs of tech activity

nobilitypnw profile image

Very cool to hear Sergei's perspective on cultural differences between developers around the world and how that influences product design.

conorbronsdon profile image
Conor Bronsdon

It was fun to see how open he was on the subject and he even thanked us after the interview, saying it was nice not to have to answer the "standard" interview questions over and over. Really pleasant guest! Hope to have him back someday!