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CKAD Practice Questions

CKAD Practice Challenge

Practice Questions for CNCF Certified Kubernetes Application Developer Exam.

Access the practice test environment on Katacoda:

Or, directly using these links, no login required:

UPDATE: 08/03/2021: Upgraded kubernetes version to 1.20.

03/02/2021: Some of you may be facing huge latency in the practice environment. Katacoda is limiting resources allocated to free scenarios due to huge popularity of these scenarios. In last 6 months, people spent 9429 hours on these scenarios. That's around 393 days.

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  • Please use a desktop or laptop. These do not work in mobile devices.
  • This practice environment runs on Kubernetes 1.20, current version of exam.
  • This is NOT a replica of actual exam and should be used for practice only.
  • The questions are NOT same as actual exam.
  • Successful completion of tasks can verified at the last step. You can also run check command anytime to verify your work.
  • You can view solutions by clicking Show solution button, however you are encouraged to use Kubernetes documentation to find answers instead.
  • Practice environment will be expired in 1 hour. Refresh to get new environment.

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Discussion (8)

damienburke profile image
Damien Burke

Very nice, thanks

djkormo profile image
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Krzysztof Pudłowski

I'm interested in running k8s in 1.19 version in katacoda. Do yoy have special script to upgrade from imageid kubernetes-cluster:1.18 ?

amitjainx4 profile image

Q3 in core-concepts get stuck at checking

amitjainx4 profile image

It worked when I refreshed the browser and started from question 1. Thanks.

liptanbiswas profile image
Liptan Biswas Author

Hi Amit, thanks for trying it out. It's an issue with Katacoda. Sometimes that continue button gets stuck.

amitjainx4 profile image

Really good practice challenge

johnmichael profile image

Thank you! These questions are very helpful make concepts clear. Try Study4Exam's practice test after studying these questions for self-assessment.

rnarayana profile image
Narayana R

Very nice!

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