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🤫 How I made note-taking easier for everyone?

Being a maker you have some quick-todos, some reading-list lined up for the weekend, some code snippet which can be re-used shortly, and a lot of times you have a JSON body which you would like debug later. 👨‍💻

Now, the existing full-fledged note-taking apps are built for more structured writing. I use Notion for that, but if you see we have a need where we can dump anything uninterrupted and care not to worry about that later. As a user, we should be able to put our grocery list, some potential customer email IDs, or maybe a few websites as inspiration that came across while we were browsing.

That's where I built Whatnote, a chrome extension that opens a note pad on every new tab. I launched it the day before yesterday and people are already saying how useful it is for them. 🚀

It has definitely helped in improving my productivity. Here's a sneak-peek of how Whatnote looks like.


If you would like to improve your productivity by some fraction then you should give it a try. Check the link below:
👉 Whatnote on Chrome Webstore 👈

📣 Tell me more about what can I do on Whatnote to improve a maker's productivity.

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