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Announcing .TXTLSS Virtual Hackaton by LiveChat

It's always a pleasure to announce such a thing.

Today, we're excited to invite you to .TXTLSS – our first Virtual Hackaton! 🎉

LiveChat is a business messaging platform that allows companies to communicate freely with their clients through multiple channels. We believe in running a customer-oriented company that is available to reach in a way that is most suitable for its market audience.

Apart from our products, we also run the Marketplace and Developer Platform. The first one is a place, where our clients can get integrations and third-party apps to adjust the functionality of our software to their own particular needs. It can be an analytical tool or integration with another software used ithin company.

The second one is designed as a birthplace of new communication tools and extensions for our product. We created a place, where the needs of our customers can be presented to a community of problem-solving people. External developers can find there app ideas from our clients, and be provided with full support and development toolkit (docs, API, SDK's and design system). We also help them distribute and monetize their freshly created solutions.


.TXTLSS Hackaton is the extension of that idea, concentrated on a particular topic – pushing the limitations of communication outside the borders of text messaging.

Here lies the challenge that we present to you – how can we improve the way we interact with messages?

Create an app that provides a solution. Submit it via our Developer Console along with 4-minute explanatory video.


  • Every participant have to create or join a team. Teams are made of 1–5 of participants. Every team can make only one submission and participants can join only one team.

  • The theme of the event is "textless communication". Think visuals, audio or emotions. Participants are welcomed to interpret it in their own way though!

  • Participants and organizers are all there to spend quality time in a meaningful way. Of course, prizes are nice, but the final outcome is as important as the entire way to get there!

Prizes 🏆

1st prize: $2,000 USD for every member of the team 🥇 💸

2nd prize: $1,500 USD for every member of the team 🥈

3rd prize: $500 USD for every member of the team 🥉

The first 50 participants will also receive a package of LiveChat's gadgets! 💎

How to participate

  • All participants register via Register now form on our site to get access to the private Slack community.

  • Submission packages should be posted till 10/15 via Developer Console. They should include:

    • 4-minute explanatory video presenting the concept, hosted on YouTube or Vimeo,
    • an app submitted via Developer Console along with full description of the app, concept and the team behind it.
  • Judges will consider the following criteria:

    Impact and quality of the concept (30%)

    Quality of the explanatory video (30%)

    Relevance to the main theme (30%)

    Implementation of LiveChat, ChatBot, HelpDesk or KnowledgeBase or their APIs (10%)

Important Dates

September 19 – Hackaton Starts
October 15 – Submission due to 11:59PM PST

We can't wait to see the outcome!
Have fun, meet new people, happy coding! 🎉 ⏰

Top comments (3)

lwardega profile image
Łukasz Wardęga Author • Edited on

Hi! I'm Łukasz from LiveChat – if you have any additional questions, you can reach us on our Slack community, but you can ask them here, below the post 😎

janpauldahlke profile image
jan paul

Iam confused. You posted this 24Sept. but it started already on the 19th. Also can solo peope join, that need to find their team at the kickoff?

best regards

lwardega profile image
Łukasz Wardęga Author

Indeed, we introduce our Hackaton to dev community with some delay. Nevertheless, it's still not too late to participate and create something great :)

And yes, you can join by yourself and find yourself a team at our Slack community. You can also participate as a team of one.

Let me know if you have any other questions :)

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