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The Million Dollar Question

Every person is like a lost soul wandering through a dark forest trying to figure out their purpose. We're just told that we're put here for a reason and that somebody loves you. Life's just an equation with variables to be filled.

Or you can look at it a different way. A way that I haven't really put my focus towards. There are people, places, things, choices, and a variety of different aspects of life that are gonna mold you to some viable shape. But do you know what you get to decide? The final product. Chase your dreams, do you what you want, and be proud of the work you do. I'm tired of being unconscious and losing sight of my hobbies because of the people who think you have to be a carbon copy of the next person, but better. When people ask me why I'm graduating early, it's not because I don't love learning and exploring, it's because I'm tired of being shaped into something I'm not.

I was told to pick something and stick with it, by one person, to have a role in society. To be the best at one thing. I was told to chase my dreams, by another person, to have influence in society. Not influence for power and attention, but for self fulfillment. I know who society wants me to listen to. I know who I'm going to listen to.

I was really surprised when I got an internship for something I never had a class on. But do you know what, it was something I really wanted. I love solving difficult problems and breaking things. Broke my boyfriend's heart this weekend by breaking up with him. You can laugh, I thought it was funny.

It's amazing how much you can grow when you work with people that help motivate you. But it's never one sided. There's a whole world of motivated people that want to help you help them, and when you leave behind the zombies, it's a different view.

Because of my variety of interests, if I could build something, it would be a combination of everything. Security is so ... bland. There's no design, only functionality. And not everyone has access to those functionalities. A lot of security tools have nice dashboards, but they cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. At this point in technological advancement, security should be something that is accessible to all, easy to implement and monitor.

There isn't lack of security engineers, there is a lack of a worldly view. As I was talking to the people who hired me for the internship, the Cybersecurity students know how to implement security techniques but don't know C and assembly. The Computer Science students don't know much about security.

That was just an idea. I'm not sure what I would specifically build. Whatever it is, it'll be artistic, innovative, something to do with security, and maybe throw hockey in there somehow. Maybe create a program that calls penalties through live video so Jay actually doesn't have to do his job.

I'm in a good mood so.

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