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Cover image for My first site/small Blog is online! I appreciate every Dev feedback 🤠

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My first site/small Blog is online! I appreciate every Dev feedback 🤠

Hi Community! 👨‍💻

This is my first site; i developed a small blog about my passion: running around the world.
It's created with Laravel mix, SCSS, jQuery, Chart.js, Handlebars; and is all in Italian (my language).
I appreciate every feedback about it... Mobile view looks more good for me 🙃 ("Mobile first" is my best quote).

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Alex Janke • Edited

Congrats on finishing the site! My italian is super rusty so I'm not gonna embarrass myself in trying to say something in Italian - greetings from Sicily though.

As for feedback:

  • resize your images, your page is huuuuge. Throw your images into here and be amazed at how much space you can save ( Also resize them. For example "camera.jpg" has no reason to be 3823pixels wide
  • handlebars error in console. important?
  • is there a reason why you load the aos.js in your head and at the end of the body? Why twice?
  • I'd speed up the animation when closing your navigation. It feels little slow
  • Add some more meta tags to your page
  • Missing cookie banner, not gdpr compliant
  • Not a huge fan of the orange color because it's a bit rough to read on a white background. It's lacking some contrast
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Luca • Edited

Thank you very much Alexander! I'm going to put my site "under maintainace" and follow your advices! 👨🏻‍💻

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Sara °°° • Edited

I really like the colors and styling, keep up the good work 🌟

I only have notes about the home page.
There is an element that needs to be centered I guess! Or you have made it this way on purpose?
Also what about the play and pause buttons at the very end of the home page, when I click I get nothing.

Alt text of image

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Thank you very much Sara! I really appreciate tour feedback❗Yes, this container have a float left in a mobile view 🙃
And for the play/pause button, now i put my site "under maintainace" and i'll go to review my JS. 👨🏻‍💻