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Skills/learning roadmap

Greetings Dev Community.

I am currently enrolled in an introductory web development course and would like to further my studies with front end language and skills.
I learn best in classroom environments vs online study, which reflects my choices for current and future learning pursuits.

So far I've learned the following:

  • fundamentals of html5
  • fundamentals of css + flex-box

I've been exploring learning opportunities to pursue once I complete this introductory course, while I continue practicing my html + css skills

Some ideas I've been looking into are:

Pursue a two week javascript course.
Pursue front end development bootcamp.


Pursue front end development bootcamp in January.

I know many of you either share similar or different journeys on how you've
became developers. I would like to hear your insights on your learning journey. As a beginner to where you are today.

  • Did you pursue bootcamp? if so, how did you prepare yourself.
  • Did you work on the fundamentals of html+css and javascript before immersing yourself fully into a bootcamp/ developer program.
  • Are there certain developer tools you felt were easy to learn yourself?

Thank you,


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I have never pursued a bootcamp but, I worked on C and C++ language advanced use and now I'm able to create wathever I want from any language because the logic remain the same most of the time. If you know one language, you can use others easily. The only difference is the typography 🤷‍♂️
I deeply think the best way to learn is only from ourself, maybe you should try to create a simple project first 😉
Follow an online course or bootcamp can be useful to learn the best practice, it's not a bad idea 💡
The online courses I have done so far were about latest frontend frameworks, just to be updated with the best practices (Angular, Vue).

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Thank you Steeve.
I definitely agree it becomes easy to pick up similar languages when you really develop one or few 😂

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Most of the bootcamps I know emphasize on frameworks like Vue, React... and that's cool! The problem is that, if you learn how a frontend framework without knowing JS in depth, you will be blocked at facing more complicated problems.

Take your time to learn Javascript, there's no rush!

ljtea profile image

Thank you Elena,

I needed to hear this and I appreciate your insight. I feel JS will be the next step to consider instead of taking a deep dive into bootcamp.