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What we learned during the lockdown

I thought about the things I learned while working from home during the lockdown and wrote them down in a small list.

  • 100% remote is possible with ease in my job (even for me)
  • From home I tend to work more than less
  • It doesn't take shoes or pants to be focused on work while working from home
  • After a month at home, weekend finally feels like weekend again
  • I do not need a seperate workspace at home to focus
  • I have a lot more time at home
  • It's possible for my gf and me to be together 24/7 for more than a month without going insane (guess she's a keeper)
  • I'm propably wasting a lot of time when driving to work
  • Keeping muscles in shape with rubber bands excercises is possible
  • I'm eating a ton of shit. I should improve my eating habits.
  • I need my podcasts (especially the chitchat ones)
  • I can easily keep myself up to date with twitch, tech podcasts and youtube
  • I have an online community that is able to replace my entire social life (for a medium-term period at least)

If you have made this kind of experience, feel free to write them down in the comments, I'm curious about it.

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