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Top apps to be productive

If you're reading this, you propably expect to get one or more tips for tools you didn't already know that make you more productive magically. In case you are a disciplined worker, you will be disappointed to read this article as the title was a little clickbaity.

But in case you are in a phase like me some weeks ago, you are procrastinating and wasting your time reading articles and watching videos on how to be productive. I hope this method and the comprehensive tooling will help you.

Start for 5 Minutes

If you have to work on stuff you don't want to work on, start a stop watch (no timer with notification), put it outside your field of view and start the task. If you take a look at the watch again and >= 5 mins passed, you can desicde if you stop or finish that task.

If you stop: You got more done than you would have done without this method.
If you continue or ignore the stop watch: Congratulations, you were outgrowing yourself.

How to get productive

  • Get your ass up
  • Replace "I should" with "I will"
  • Switch off distractions
  • Kick off that sound track that makes you focus
  • Start working

You want a new Todo-App? --> Open your text editor.
You want to note sth? --> Text editor.

It's amazing how you're able to organize stuff inside a simple text editor by just starting.

Have a productive day.

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