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ASP .net vs Laravel

Can anyone please explain to me the functional diffences between ASP .net and Laravel. Which projects are well suited for either? Thanks :) #laravel #php #csharp

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James Hickey

I agree with @rhymes - it's mostly the difference between PHP and C#.

PHP apps are easier to deploy to production environments, however.

But .NET apps typically are easier to debug and find bugs with - since you can compile it first.

.NET historically has been considered more robust in terms of security since everything you need is built-into the framework and since it's backed by Microsoft there's this implicit sense of trust.

That being said, Laravel is top-notch quality anyways...

I think the real difference is if you are building high-performant distributed systems (think microservices, etc.) then you want to go with .NET Core.

Otherwise, honestly... for someone starting out - I'd probably just go with Laravel 😋

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Hi Lloyd, I don't think there's much difference at the end of the day.

The real difference is a combination of your preferences, your skills and the market if you're looking for a job.

Laravel is a framework for PHP.
ASP.NET (the Core version) is a framework you can use with both C# and F# (not sure if other .NET languages are supported).

C#, F# and PHP are all quite fast too.

Do you have expertise in any of those languages? Would you be starting from zero in either? What's your motivation behind this question?

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Thank you. I have been developing desktop applications in C# at University but however, my web development courses where in PHP(laravel framework). I really never understood why. I am now doing my own web applications and not particularly sure which framework I should use and for what reasons.

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Which language do you enjoy? Writing code should be a positive experience. I'd be less motivated if I was using a technology "just because".

If you're familiar with C#, why not try to build a simple web app with ASP.NET and .NET Core and see how it feels?

Trust yourself (ok now I sound like a guru :D)

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fidan-gill core is the new thing. It is available for Linus and Mac also hence expanding the community rapidly. is more secure. PHP based websites are more prone to malware and it is very annoying to be called to fix the malware while you can do something productive in that time. Where as you don't have such problems with

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You can use ASP.NET Core Razor Pages development model. It is quite easy and robust. And you will enjoy cross-platform, scalability, security and performance associated with. Net Core. Especially, you will be using C#

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So the general difference between PHP and C# is that C# will compile first. PHP will compile in Runtime. Also we could say that C# is way more organized. Enterprise PHP Applications can be really messy. You can do mostly everything with PHP as u can do in C#. Same for C#. U can do mostly everything ( if not even more ) in C# than in PHP. I feel better with C# MVC. I have worked a bit with laravel. I mean its a really nice framework, no need to bash. But in C# I feel more organized and. How say ? Cleaner code ? The syntax isnt messed up so hard lul. I mean i dont feel comfortable with connecting strings with a dot for example. Later if u have a huge string its hard to find the overview lol. Just try and decide with what you feel more comfortable with. Dont forget as @rhymes mentioned : You shoud enjoy Coding while you code. Otherwise u will never have a great solution =)

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Laravel 8 is best frame work for any website bcz its so cool and secure and its provide by default register and login page with database my sql its so easy and qick work now a days laravel is growing up every country and its a top 1 backend language so my suggestion u work on laravel