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I published my first NPM package!

While working on the development of my website, I found myself looking for a solution that gave me the color GitHub defines for each programming language so that I could style tags in posts with a significant color, similar to what does:

Although some packages that do this job already existed, I decided that instead of using one of them, I could create a simpler package that just returned the color of a language and not other data that GitHub also provides and I didn't need.

So, using this JSON file, I created the simplest NPM package that can possibly be done: one that returns the color of any programming language.

I also did a prototype that shows how this package works:

You just have to type the language you want, hit enter and it will be displayed with its own color. 🤗

I know that this is a simple package, and it might not be very useful, here's both NPM and GitHub repo's links (that contain installation and usage instructions) in case someone needs it.

GitHub logo lluiscamino / github-lang-colors

Get the color of a programming language easily! 👨‍💻


npm version

Simple package that returns the color GitHub has defined for any programming language.


Via npm:

npm i github-lang-colors


const getColor = require('github-lang-colors');
console.log(getColor('JavaScript')); // #f1e05a
console.log(getColor('PHP')); // #4f5d95

Note that the function is not case-sensitive.

console.log(getColor('php')); // #4f5d95

Language colors source

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Łukasz Sarzyński

Nice fun!