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7 things one should remember when pursuing a programmer / front end career

  1. Study a lot, but get your hands dirty on a concrete project. Don't be the person who's thinks he has to wait six months to start something. You don't have to know everything to build something. Start today, and continue everyday. Nobody knows everything. Start early, continue often, make mistakes. it's better to work slowly but without pause than to dream of you working "faster" tomorrow, because then "you'll finally know everything". That's a mirage. An illusion. If you really want to be faster and better tomorrow you gotta code something slowly but without pause, today.

  2. Be a perfectionist but do not let perfectionism hold you back. Just look at the first version of facebook to understand what this means. Keep improving, but finish something quickly even if its not perfect.

  3. Whatever programming learning you are into, don't learn from one guy, book or tutorial. Learn from 5 to 10 different persons, who are the best in their field, whom you cherry picked out of three dozens. Stick with those teachers, and keep always learning even if it seems hard. The perfect study sessions sometimes are those when you think you are not making progress at all.

  4. Avoid bouncing around from language to language when things get boring. Be consistent. Stick to your language, stick to your framework. Don't bounce from backend to frontend, from C++ to JS, from Vue, to React, to Angular. Take your pick, stick with with it until you master it. Then -if you really think it's good for your wallet- you can switch, learn something else, but don't do it just because you are bored while trying to learn. It's ok to correct paths, but have the guts to commit. (no Git pun intended).

  5. Avoid trying to get a job by doing the exact same thing everybody else is doing. (e.g. Just making ugly résumés) Try to stand out from the rest in a meaningful way. For example build a website, understand a little bit about SEO, a little bit about UX and UI. Improve your website periodically. Bottom line: do something the other is not doing, and do it well, get out of the box. Be different, be yourself but in a meaningful constructive way, cause you are not a copy of everybody else. Don't try to be the other guy. Be the best version of yourself.

  6. Be honest with your clients. always do your best. They're puttin' their trust in you. Don't be afraid of asking for more money, and remember to charge more every six months or every year. If you are freelance or independent never, ever start working if a costumer has not paid 50% in advanced. When you calculate hours on a project, chances are you are calculating them too few, so explain the costumer you may end up working more hours, that of course he will have to pay. Explain the risks. There's always risks, but also explain your capabilities and past successes.

  7. Be thankful to everyone especially your family. Treat them with love everyday. Serve them. Avoid useless fights, Smile to them more often. Remind them you love them with words and deeds. Be patient to their faults and defects, you may have more than them. Don't be afraid of the future and always remember: Living it's the most dangerous thing that life has.

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Jose Luis Ramos T. • Edited

Gracias por compartir. Estoy iniciando con cuatro lenguajes de programación y después de mis lecciones, actualizo mis proyectos con lo aprendido en cada día, en cada momento. Sierto que aveces término vencido por el trabajo habitual pero después me esfuerzo más. Pues yo quiero desarrollar tecnología en un futuro no muy lejano. Leer tu publicación fue una inyección que todo principiante y no principiante, necesita. Gracias. Te sigo ahora

amitlus profile image
Info Comment hidden by post author - thread only accessible via permalink

I have only few hours a week to code (have a full time job) until next october when ill start a cs degree.
I learned Python basics and Django framework basics. I started to build a blog website and I need to use html css and js for it.
You said to focus in 1 language.. in my case i dont think its possible. This is ok ?

jimii47 profile image
Jimmy • Edited

I feel you 😂😂😂

jose2190 profile image
Pedro José Pezzarini • Edited

Dude, i really really love the last point.
After few years working in technology (many times working at high hours in the night), the family and life are the most valuable things we have.
Thanks for write that and be like a fresh air window to remember what is true important

mcblessing1 profile image
IbukunOluwa Shotubo

I really love and relate with the last point. Thank you.

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