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20 Kubernetes Blogs, Journals, and Podcasts to Follow in 2022

By Shweta Goyal

Kubernetes continues to grow in popularity, especially among enterprise organizations, according to the most recent State of Cloud Native Development report. As more and more developers sign on to use the container orchestration platform, helping and supporting them becomes increasingly important.

Kubernetes can be complex and frustrating to use, especially for beginners. Fortunately, the developer community offers plenty of Kubernetes-focused blogs, podcasts, journals, and newsletters that give advice and answer urgent questions.

How Can the Resources Help You?

It can be difficult to stay current on the tools you use, especially as new versions are constantly being released in the market. Even if you know how to use Kubernetes well, following these resources will help you optimize your container workload and produce high-quality software.

The Kubernetes resources included here feature contributions from industry leaders, as well as community members, offering up-to-date information from a variety of sources. The content is always insightful, and often quite entertaining.

The Roundup of Kubernetes Resources

We’ve rounded up twenty of the most interesting Kubernetes resources, along with examples of their offerings, so that you know where to get the latest information and help with your Kubernetes projects in 2022.

1. KubeWeekly

KubeWeekly is a weekly email newsletter curated by Kubernetes engineers through the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), which took over management of Kubernetes from Google. The newsletter informs subscribers about new articles, upcoming webinars, and news on Kubernetes-related events.

A recent issue of KubeWeekly offered links to articles about a new debugging toolkit for Kubernetes and the CNCF’s acceptance of Knative as an incubation project.

2. Kubelist

Kubelist, produced by Replicated, Shipyard, and Snyk, provides a Kubernetes-focused newsletter and podcast.

A recent issue of the newsletter discussed using the open source utility kubefwd in dev environments, while a recent episode of the podcast, which is hosted by Replicated CEO Marc Campbell, discussed Tilt and its uses in microservice development.

3. Kubernetes Podcast from Google

The Kubernetes Podcast from Google is a weekly podcast with news, interviews, and amusing interludes offering insights from members of the Kubernetes community. It’s hosted by Craig Box of Google Cloud.

A recent episode focused on the Parca open source project and cloud native observability.

4. Loft Labs Blog

The Loft Labs Blog helps organizations to expand self-service access to Kubernetes. Loft Labs, a startup that provides tooling for Kubernetes, has also created open source projects like DevSpace, vcluster, jsPolicy, and kiosk. Over four thousand engineers have “starred” Loft projects on GitHub. The startup also provides technical guides, feature announcements, and other articles about open source cloud-native technologies, such as vcluster, Kubernetes, and others.

One recent post that could be of interest to Kubernetes users focused on Dex alternatives for Kubernetes authentication.

5. The New Stack

The New Stack is a media platform run by veteran journalists. It offers the latest information and conversations about various technologies through podcasts, events, newsletters, and e-books.

Recent posts and podcasts have addressed the challenges of Kubernetes testing and ways to optimize resource management in Kubernetes.

6. Kube Cuddle Podcast

The Kube Cuddle podcast, created and hosted by Rich Burroughs of Loft Labs, invites industry insiders to tell their stories of how they got started coding and what they’ve learned about working with Kubernetes.

In a recent episode, Celeste Horgan from Stripe talked about writing good documentation and why it can be hard to make big changes in the Kubernetes docs.

7. Data on Kubernetes Community

The Data on Kubernetes Community is a group of developers who host weekly meetups to share information about building and running data-driven apps on Kubernetes. They often feature experts to give talks on use cases and best practices.

In a recent episode of their podcast, presenter Steve Buchanan talked about storage and stateful apps in Kubernetes.

8. Kubernetes Bytes

Kubernetes Bytes is a podcast hosted by cloud native experts Ryan Wallner and Bhavin Shah. They offer their own insights on the latest cloud native news, as well as interviews with other experts, along with links for further reading on the topics discussed.

One recent episode focused on how Kubernetes operators use persistent storage.

9. Last Week in Kubernetes Development

Last Week in Kubernetes Development is a weekly newsletter covering the latest in Kubernetes code activity, such as merges or features to remove or update. It’s a project put together by members of the Kubernetes Contributor Experience SIG.

A recent edition noted the removal of the older versions of the audit log data format, as well as that of several deprecated apiserver flags.

10. Container Journal

Container Journal is a site run by technology experts and journalists that uses blog posts and news articles to cover all aspects of container technologies—best practices, new tools, and industry analysis.

A recent article focused on the challenges of Kubernetes adoption and why it might be driving organizations to adopt cloud-managed solutions.

11. Kubernetes This Month

Kubernetes This Month, hosted by author and Kubernetes trainer Nigel Poulton on the A Cloud Guru platform, discusses the latest on using Kubernetes and offers related links and resources.

A recent episode focused on using Rancher Desktop to run Kubernetes on your on-premise machine.

12. Software Defined Talk

Software Defined Talk is a banter-filled podcast about Kubernetes, enterprise software, and cloud computing in general. It’s hosted by tech veterans Brandon Whichard, Coté, and Matt Ray, and the site offers related tech and news links with each episode.

A recent episode focused on Kubernetes adoption as well as the State of Open Source Survey.

13. TFIR

TFIR is a video storytelling platform with more than twenty thousand YouTube subscribers. Its goal is to educate users about open source technologies through interviews, demos, and panel discussions.

Recent posts have focused on Buoyant’s new failover functionality for Kubernetes deployments and using Ondat Trousseau to encrypt Kubernetes secrets.

14. Kubernetes on Medium

The Kubernetes tag on Medium covers the latest Kubernetes articles posted by contributors. The searchable tag pools around 28,000 articles and 11,600 writers. Medium, an open platform, allows experts to publish on a broad range of topics to reach readers more directly.

One recent tutorial explained how to run a GitOps demo with a Kubernetes KIND cluster.

15. Red Hat X Podcast Series

In the Red Hat X Podcast Series, Red Hat’s software partners cover topics like application modernization and workload security in cloud environments.

One recent episode analyzed the results of a Cockroach Labs/Red Hat survey about Kubernetes workload issues among organizations.

16. The Cloudcast

The Cloudcast, hosted by Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely, focuses on all aspects of cloud computing through interviews with industry leaders.

On a recent episode, the topic was Kubernetes’ dominance in the cloud native landscape, despite its less-than-perfect developer experience.

17. SaC Hub

The SaC Hub, presented by the cloud security tool Magalix, provides tutorials, industry news, best practices, and expert insights on Kubernetes and cloud native security, as well as other topics.

One recent post focused on Kubernetes secrets and best practices for securing them.

18. Learn Cloud Native

The Learn Cloud Native newsletter offers curated content about cloud native projects, tools, and culture.

A recent issue offered a link to an article about good databases for Kubernetes.

19. ContainIQ

ContainIQ, which offers Kubernetes monitoring tools for better cluster health, also offers a wealth of largely Kubernetes-focused information on its blog.

A recent blog post examined CronJobs and how they can be used to schedule and manage regular tasks in your Kubernetes cluster.

20. Learnk8s

Learnk8s is a Kubernetes training company that offers self-paced online classes, as well as consulting services. Newsletter subscribers get access to Kubernetes news and resources. The company also covers various aspects of Kubernetes on its blog.

One recent post broke down how packets flow inside a Kubernetes cluster.


Using Kubernetes is becoming increasingly popular across the software development industry, but staying up to date on it can feel overwhelming. However, as our roundup can attest, many resources are available to help you stay current and develop your familiarity with Kubernetes.

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