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Top 10 Vue admin dashboards

Written by Kumar Harsh ✏️

Advanced and well-crafted, Vue is one of the most widely recommended JavaScript libraries by web developers and designers around the world. While Vue includes complex components that are useful for building projects from scratch, its popularity and large community also provide access to third-party packages and prebuilt components that can reduce development time.

However, finding the perfect fit for your app can be a tough job. In this guide, we’ll explore ten UI libraries and frameworks for building beautiful and functional dashboards, an increasingly common UI element for adding organization to any project. We'll examine the unique strengths and weaknesses of each dashboard, highlighting the trade-offs and benefits.

The dashboards covered in this article range from free to premium, with most offering both versions. Let's get started!

1. Vue Notus

Vue Notus UI Dashboard

Image Source: Creative Tim

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Vue Notus is a free Vue admin dashboard based on Tailwind CSS and Vuikit. With over a hundred components, Vue Notus helps you speed up your project development while still preserving your personal design preference.

You'll especially love this dashboard if you're a fan of bright, fresh colors. Each component includes color variations that you can easily control using Tailwind CSS classes. Similarly, you can access and modify each component’s states for aspects like styles, hover, focus, and more. However, if you add a new class that did not originally exist in your codebase in any form, you’ll need to recompile Tailwind.

This package includes a thorough collection of prebuilt examples; if your use case matches any of the example projects, you'll only need to change a few figures before going live.

2. Vuetify

Vuetify Dashboard Library UI

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If you use Vue regularly, you may already be familiar with Vuetify, a library of UI components that adhere to Material Design guidelines.

Vuetify offers an extensive selection of both free and premium prebuilt dashboards that are written in pure Vue, meaning you don’t have to worry about any jQuery dependencies that may harm your application's performance in the long run. Similarly, Vuetify supports internal performance measures like code splitting and lazy loading, making Vuetify dashboards reliable and performant.

3. Muse Vue Ant Dashboard

Muse Vue Ant Dashboard

Image Source: Creative Tim

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Built on top of the Ant Design framework, Muse Vue Ant Dashboard is one of the sleekest and most flexible dashboards for Vue apps. It has one of the most descriptive documentations of all the options covered in this guide, so you shouldn't have any problem getting started.

The Ant Design framework uses SASS internally to maintain themes and support customization, therefore, you can use SASS files and classes to customize the elements of this dashboard.

With over 70 components and seven pages of example dashboards, you can rely on Muse Vue Ant Dashboard to get your admin panel up and running in no time. However, if you can't find what you're looking for in the free version, you may consider upgrading to the PRO version, which has over 300 components and 26 examples for $69.

4. Vue Black Dashboard

Vue Black Dashboard

Image Source: Creative Tim

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Based on Bootstrap v4.0, Vue Black Dashboard is a gorgeous Vue framework that offers 16 components that you can combine to create the perfect dashboard for your unique project. For $59, the PRO version includes over 300 components in both dark and light themes. Vue Black Dashboard is one of the few frameworks to offer both dark and light themes across its interfaces. You can modify and customize all of the available components using SASS files and classes.

5. Vue Material Dashboard

Vue Material Dashboard UI

Image Source: Creative Tim

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The Vue Material Dashboard, the official Vue version of the original Material Dashboard, is one of the most popular Vue admin dashboard templates on the market. Not only does it look very sleek and stylish, but it is also based on Material UI, one of the most popular design libraries of all time.

The free version of Vue Material Dashboard contains over 16 components, two customized plugins, and seven example pages for you to get started. On the other hand, at $59, the PRO version is extensive; it contains more than 200 components, 15 customized plugins, and 28 example pages that cover many possible use cases.

6. ArchitectUI Vue Dashboard

Architectui Vue Dashboard

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Powered by Vue CLI and Bootstrap v4.0, ArchitectUI’s Dashboard Vue PRO pack is a collection of over 150 components. For $69, it covers a wide range of examples to help you get started. However, the free version offers only 15 components, so you might choose this dashboard only if you have a budget to work with.

ArchitectUI uses the same components across all frameworks and libraries, like React. Therefore, if your app is spread across different platforms, ArchitectUI ensures that your dashboards look and feel uniform. Similarly, ArchitectUI Dashboard uses straightforward code and Vue Router for navigation links.

7. Vue Now UI Kit

Vue Now UI Dashboard

Image Source: Creative Tim

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If you happen to use Now UI Kit in your main app, you can easily maintain the uniformity in your app ecosystem’s design with the Now UI’s dashboard version in your admin app. Built using Bootstrap v4.0 and Vue, the Vue Now UI Kit is extremely easy to install and use.

At $59, the Vue Now UI PRO Dashboard offers 150 components with 27 templates to help you find inspiration for your next admin dashboard design. On the other hand, the free version includes 50 elements and three templates.

8. Vuexy Admin Dashboard

Vuexy Vue Dashboard UI

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With stunning features like fuzzy search, bookmarks, calendar, chats, and more, Vuexy is an admin dashboard worth investing in. At $35, Vuexy includes a Laravel starter kit and a built-in dark mode to give you more control over its looks. The Vuexy Admin dashboard is fully responsive and built on the Vuesax framework.

9. Gull Dashboard

Gull Dashboard UI

Image Source: Demo Screenshot

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If you are looking for a one-stop solution for your Vue admin dashboard needs, Gull Dashboard might be the right product for you. Priced at $24 for internal admin use, Gull Dashboard offers over 250 UI elements to combine and build your admin panels. Each of these elements has full RTL support and can be easily translated.

The Gull Admin Template supports many backend and administration use cases, ranging from ecommerce backends to content management systems (CMS). The template also comes prebuilt with a collection of various apps that include features like an invoice builder, chat, datatables, and more. The template receives regular updates, so you won't miss out on any new developments.

10. Nuxt Argon Dashboard

Nuxt Argon Dashboard UI

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Offering great design, high code quality, and flexibility, the Nuxt Argon Dashboard helps you quickly prototype admin apps and dashboards. Based on Nuxt.js and Bootstrap, this library provides high usability and a unique and attractive UI.

At $99, the Argon Dashboard is built using 200 prebuilt, reusable components, which you can combine to customize the perfect set for your individual project’s needs.

Each component accepts color changes using SASS files, saving you time with quick customizations instead of having to code from scratch.

Choosing the right dashboard

Choosing the perfect Vue Admin Dashboard template or framework is not always an easy task. There is a wide range of options available in the market, and each offers its own unique set of features.

While most of these dashboards are based on popular design libraries, like Ant Design, Material Design, Bootstrap, etc., there are a few that are designed from scratch. Therefore, it's important that you lay down your admin panel’s functional and design requirements before starting your search.

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