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Social Network ideas and MVP development phases, don't hesitate if you can help

lord007tn profile image Raed Bahri ・1 min read

Hello Guys,
I hope you are doing well, so am a Computer Science Student In Tunisia. am working on a personal project to develop a community platform and i found some problems. i think that you can answer me,
So please can you answer this question from your perspective, social network you made and it would be great if you hold a startup with this kind of project:

  • What's the process to make your platform from scratch ( Idea Phase until now)?
  • what's the used framework?
  • how do you manage to get users and how they are pleased to sign up and give you their information, what's your motivation for them?
  • what's your biggest problem in the development of social network platform?
  • what are the main component of social network MVP?
  • how much it take in general to make the MVP?
  • any other information that may help? thx for your time :D


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Raed Bahri Author

I find some info in google that might help

  • start by idea --> design --> choose framework fro back/front ends --> test --> deploy

  • from some article i found some people recommend MVC framework to work en backend and angular/react for frontend

-to motivate users you may want to give some points/score for useful comments, posts. or maybe you want to motivate them by some physical value gifts when they reach a score. most important you need to solve their problem so they will be pleased to use and reuse the platform.

  • biggest problem in social network can be manage state for programmers, marketing and reach for SEO, SEM experts and so on.

  • it depends on what the value you are going to deliver for your users. a social network can tart with only an authentication system and a feed.

  • in general MVP shouldn't pass 3 weeks to launch.