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"weak"ly linked #2

1. Customizing Codable behaviour via @propertyWrapper 🛠

This addition to Codable flew under my radar since I was more into exploring the new support for enums with associated values. This custom configuration support also look very interesting. I need to take this for a spin to see its power in reality.

2. Multiple protocol conformances by the same type?

A super interesting thread by Jordan Rose and a nice commentary from Max Desiatov with interesting real life example from Tokamak UI. Who knew, that creating a programming language was hard? 😅

3. UITableView inside UITextView 😅

This addition to iOS 15 gives you the possibility to create a UITableView inside UITextView 😅 While itself not the best idea probably, the general possibility of embedding custom UIViews inside text sounds interesting.
Here are the official docs for the feature.

4. API Client using actors 🎭

A super comprehensive post - or should I say tutorial/guide - on creating an API client for your Swift app that leverages the new actor system. This guide has everything - starting with basic requests through authentication and ending in SSL Pinning and caching. The "tools" 🛠 section is also interesting!

5. SwiftUI Navigation

Folks behind Point Free don't need any special introductions - being the authors of Swift Composable Architecture. Now they give us a robust way to enhance navigation patterns in SwiftUI - now to find a project to use this on!

What this is:
A subjective list of links I found interesting during last week, mainly to keep them around.

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