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Road Trip, Sorta?

Feels like I'm on an extended road trip

And if you know me. I hate riding in the car. I just want to get there. Do I appreciate the scenery along the way? Yes. Do I always get to my destination and think, "that wasn't so bad." Yep. Well this is how I've been feeling about my coding journey. It's a long and I MEAN LONG road trip. Stopping to see (ahem..learn) new things along the way. Just constantly checking my GPS on when I'll get there.

Where's There?

Yeah my GPS is on explore right now. And honestly, that's alright. I know I'm right where I'm supposed to be. Would you believe I'm on Codewars? Solving problems and all? Do I look up things when I have a question? Absolutely. My go to is looking at other people's solutions after I submit my own. It is so interesting to see how others think. I find myself saying ooh, ahh that's smart. If I can talk through their code, I know I can talk through my own.

Still excited

I know I'll look back on this blog and and see how far I've come. I've made a portfolio site and even a little webpage as a project for said portfolio. This time last year, I was up to my eyeballs in texts, emails and phone calls for work. I didn't have time to breathe, let alone learn to code. But I'm in such a better headspace and job that I DO have time. I will be sure to make the absolute best of it.

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