Laravel Vs CodeIgniter: Which One To Choose?

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Php is a leading web development technology used by many software companies over the years. And it has become essential to use a PHP MVC framework for developing custom solutions with PHP programming language. There are multiple type of PHP MVC frameworks available and among those, Laravel and CodeIgniter are the most popular. Here we will compare Laravel vs CodeIgniter, to choose the best one. Let us see one by one in detail.

What Is Laravel?

It is an open-sourced widely used PHP framework and dedicated to the web apps development by using MVC architectural patterns. This framework reuses the existing functionality of the core framework along with its own features. As laravel is released under MIT license, its source code is hosted on GitHub. Developers consider it as a reliable framework due to its accurate and expressive language rule. Know Laravel Packages To Improve Productivity at- Top 11 Laravel Packages To Improve Productivity.

Features Of Laravel-

  • Easy integration with third-party libraries
  • Provides better IO capabilities
  • Easy to use blade templating engine
  • Inbuilt authentication mechanism
  • Built-in caching mechanism
  • Modular Packaging
  • Unmatched quality session control
  • Dependency manager fully composer based
  • Query builder acts as potential ORM alternative

Why Use Laravel?
*Has a great documentation feature
*Laravel framework has a auto-loading feature which loads itself and hence there is no need for human intervention.
*It offers the version control system that helps with the simplified management of migrations.
*Supports DBMS platforms like SQL Server, Postgre SQL and My SQL.
*This framework can generate a lot of new tools by the help of a LOC container.
*Framework allows you to enforce the constraints between various DBM objects in an advanced query builder mechanism
*It also supports Artisan command with the sample codes line interface.
*It has modular packaging with composer-based dependency manager
Laravel supports Eloquent ORM to work on DB.

What Is CodeIgniter?

Know more at- [https://solaceinfotech.com/blog/laravel-vs-codeigniter-which-one-to-choose/]

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