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Python for Beginners - Part 1 - Hello World

lucianopereira86 profile image LUCIANO DE SOUSA PEREIRA Originally published at ・2 min read

Python is a high level program language used for multiple purposes like artificial intelligence and web applications. It has lots of similarities with JavaScript but is a lot easier and direct to the point.

This guide will explain the basics about Python presented by Microsoft's amazing playlist called Python for Beginners.


In this first part, you will learn how to install, configure and program in Python by using Visual Studio Code.

The content displayed here can be found in this GitHub repository: Python HelloWorld.


Acess the Python Website and download the latest version.


Follow the instalation process until the end with the default configuration.


Open Visual Studio Code and install the Python extension.


Create a file named "" containing the code:

print('Hello World')

Run the command below in the terminal:

python .\

The message will be printed with success.



It was easy to print a single line in Python. In the next chapters, you will learn about common functions, operations and sintax.

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