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Try something new this week

Did you ever wonder why there's so much tech for "doing the same thing"?

It's probably not news to any of you, but there's always something new and different coming off in Web Dev. This might generate a haunting feeling that you're outdated, but could it be why you succeed on your next project or job interview?

I won't be long, as this should be a morning text that you finish while drinking a cup of coffee, but let's take a look at the last results of State of JS survey, especially about Javascript flavors. For those who've never heard of it, these are languages that compile to Javascript.

Javascript Flavors
Javascript Flavors

Most of you probably have never written a line of code on Elm or Clojurescript, but should you learn it?

Probably everything that's on this radar, even not being so mainstream, has a Reason to be there. I know for sure that most of these programmers love the language they work on. Another thing is that it pays the bills.

In fact, it's common for big companies to choose one of these languages to hire good developers, as it's unusual for beginners to have experience in them.

Usage by salary range
Usage by salary range

What I want to do here is to pique your curiosity!

I want to propose the following: take a couple of hours this week and learn at least one of these new languages. You don't need to build a pet project with it, just try them on their Playground to see how it feels. Before doing that, I ask you to watch these presentations about ReasonML, Elm and Clojurescript:

React to the Future - ReasonML
Clojurescript for Skeptics
Why Elm?

Most importantly, try to grasp the design decisions behind them. There's a high chance you'll watch one of these videos and it won't motivate you to switch your language of choice, but it's important that you understand why those things were crafted in the first place.

In the end, the language you use or know won't matter all that much, but the experience you get creating stuff in a different environment is rewarding.

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