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To Kill a Working Drone: Flying drones with Twitter, Bananas and WebAPIs with Lucky Nkosi

luckynkosi profile image Nhlanhla Lucky Nkosi ・1 min read

Lucky is a Software Engineer in the R&D division of BBD Software and a game development lecturer at the Digitals Arts division of Wits University in Johannesburg. He has experience in building and maintaining enterprise banking software with varying tech-stacks; all the way from VB6 and .Net to web and cloud technologies. Lucky is interested in IoT and passionate about making technology accessible through the web.

My talk covers the power of modern browsers and how their features can be used to create accessible web applications that facilitate the delivery of meaningful and interactive experiences. I show this by flying a drone with a variety of control schemes; from pure JS to my phone's accelerometer and even detecting my hand gestures with no direct contact to anything.

Here is a download link to the talk slides (PDF)

This talk will be presented as part of CodeLand:Distributed on July 23. After the talk is streamed as part of the conference, it will be added to this post as a recorded video.

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Nhlanhla Lucky Nkosi


Software Developer, Game Designer, Social Cohesion Advocate.


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The late night, cheap shopping spree is so familiar.


This is amazing - getting some Marvel/Avengers vibes


He's got that Tony Stark energy!


I've been looking forward to this one


Who else just added this drone to their amazon wish list?


I have no need for one and have been on the fence. Falling right over to purchase one now.




@ben now we need @luckynkosi in the next CodeLand offline edition


I absolutely love this!!! Keep playing!!


I love this approach! Building playful experiences is a beautiful way to put it.


Amazing. "By playing, I learn."

I think if we all embrace the playful and fun side of learning, it becomes so much more enjoyable - and also effective!


This is so exciting I want to look for more projects of yours hahaha thank you so much, I'm such a hardware and electronics geek and loved this.


Excellent talk - I love the idea of learning through ridiculous things! definitely banking this in conjunction with Alex's earlier advice of moving beyond tutorials. Loved the talk.


I am very interested in this talk.
Can't wait to learn more.


"With playing and building, that is how i learn"
I love this!!! So true!


I love that!! "By playing, I learn" I want that on a t-shirt!!


I think i might be buying a drone soon


What a fun talk! Love the drone demos and the idea of playing to learn! Such a fun idea. :)


This is so awesome! I see so many possibilities with your research!


So... What's the link to the website?


Love this talk! Very interesting stuff.


Curious to see how bananas fit in, excited for this talk!


oh wow this is inspiring a black hole of ideas BahAha. This is awesome