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Luc Fournier
Luc Fournier

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What are your favorite Company's Tech blogs?


I am a Back-end Dev and I start to dig into the tech blog world. These days I am interested into company's tech blog.

Do you have any recommendation?

Small or big company, it doesn't matter. I am looking for blogs written under a company's name!

Anyone on twitter is sharing such content?

I am digging on my side, if anyone is interested: I will be happy to share my finding. :)

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Luc Fournier

I will start with what I have found so far, with a little comment:

  • technical post are definitely not in my field. But the not technical one are almost as awesome as the one shared on

  • The two small video from spotify about the agile culture are definitely a must seen. Some post are about the company's culture, and it's very interesting. I'm definitely going to share some of them with my coworkers.

  • I recommend you to read "Debugging Titles". These are great article about career progression. Even if you are not part of the company, you might find some food for thought.

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