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How to Start Your Day Calmly

Mukit, Ataul
I consider myself as an enthusiast in learning new things everyday, about our history and future as well as the present. My interests: Ancient History, Comparative Religion, Science and Tech, C++
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1) Wake up early

2) Don't touch the mobile, don't receive any calls either. Make sure you had turned off the WiFi/Data before falling to sleep last night.

3) Get Fresh

4) Go for a walk

4.1) Give a few rounds

4.2) Freehand Exercise

4.3) Meditate/Pray whatever works

(Order may vary from 4.1 to 4.3)

5) Spend some time with elderly persons, preferably wise

(in my case an aged road-side tea-stall owner)

6) Don't touch the mobile yet

7) Do some reading (Newspaper maybe)

8) Get Ready

8.1) Shower

8.2) Breakfast

(Order may vary from 7 to 8.2)

9) Head out

  • Now you are ready to turn on WiFi/Data and take calls

For someone who is not consistent, this is hard to follow in a daily basis, so I hardly have a calm start to the day :|

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